• The Nation of Why Not encompasses over 362 million square kilometers.
  • The national bird of the Nation of Why Not is the flying fish.
  • The Nation of Why Not boasts over 20,000 resident citizens.
  • Every day is “Why Not Day” in the Nation of Why Not.
  • Dolphins have full voting rights in the Nation of Why Not.
  • Dessert does not necessarily come after dinner in the Nation Of Why Not.
  • The Nation of Why Not is comprised of 21 floating states.
  • Surfing in the middle of the ocean is highly encouraged in the Nation of Why Not.
  • "Why Not" is the official motto of the Nation of Why Not.
  • "Why?" is not in the Nation of Why Not Dictionary.

Where iS the Nation?

The Nation sails to over 281 ports worldwide, and is home to over 20,000 resident citizens (also known as crew), responsible for showing the ways of “Why Not” to more than 50,000 guest citizens each week.

Our Nation is made of 21 states (ships) that roam the world’s oceans, constantly changing latitude and longitude. We are a Nation constantly on the move, looking for bigger and better things to challenge our imagination, and say “Why Not” to.

For more information on our individual states, roll over each ship class below.

  • Oasis Class
  • Freedom Class
  • Voyager Class
  • Radiance Class
  • Vision Class
  • Sovereign Class
  • Oasis Class-
    With seven distinct neighborhoods, the soon-to-be-completed Oasis is sure to
    offer our most incredible cruising experience ever.

  • Freedom Class -
    These ships have the most spectacular,
    innovative onboard features at sea, from Flowrider
    surf parks, to our exclusive H2O Zone waterpark.

  • Voyager Class -
    Voyager class ships have everything,
    from rock-climbing walls and miniature golf courses,
    to bustling boulevards lined with shops and cafes.

  • Radiance Class -
    More open space, balconies and glass on the
    Radiance class offers the ultimate at sea experience.

  • Vision Class -
    With themed dining rooms, lounges, casinos,
    solariums and centrums,
    this class of ship has something for everyone.

  • Sovereign Class -
    These ships offer excitement for the whole family.
    From sophisticated casinos and lounges for adults,
    to our award-winning Adventure Ocean program for kids.