• The Nation of Why Not encompasses over 362 million square kilometers.
  • The national bird of the Nation of Why Not is the flying fish.
  • The Nation of Why Not boasts over 20,000 resident citizens.
  • Every day is “Why Not Day” in the Nation of Why Not.
  • Dolphins have full voting rights in the Nation of Why Not.
  • Dessert does not necessarily come after dinner in the Nation Of Why Not.
  • The Nation of Why Not is comprised of 21 floating states.
  • Surfing in the middle of the ocean is highly encouraged in the Nation of Why Not.
  • "Why Not" is the official motto of the Nation of Why Not.
  • "Why?" is not in the Nation of Why Not Dictionary.


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In the Nation of Why Not, our mission is simple: to provide you, our Professional Travel Agents, with the information and tools needed to inspire everyone to visit the floating states (okay, ships) of the Royal Caribbean Nation of Why Not, the Nation where everyone is encouraged to do something different and unroutine at every turn, at all hours of the day.


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